Haulotte electric scissor lifts assist several refurbishment/renovation projects

Various models of Haulotte electric scissor lift with working heights ranging from 8m to 14m are involved in several current refurbishment and renovation projects in Southeast Asia. The electric scissor lifts are the most preferred choice by contractors for their indoor projects.



Haulotte electric scissor lifts are compact; allowing easy access for narrow aisles and cluttered spaces. Like any other refurbishment and renovation projects, working areas are often congested with equipment and any other obstacles. Haulotte electric scissor lifts however provide high accessibility hence allowing maximum productivity.

As most standard doorways are measured 2.00m in height by 0.80m in width and Haulotte electric scissor lifts such as Compact 8 and Optimum 8 provide compact stowed height for easy access.



A previous Optimum 8 model


A previous Optimum 8 model is currently in use to assist Haulotte customer, Tora Denki Engineering, with their renovation and upgrading project – for the installation of M&E works – at Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple. Optimum 8 is designed to be a robust, reliable and easy to maintain machine. Driveable at full height of 5.8m, the machine provides a working height of 7.8m. It has a storage height of 2m when stowed and its pothole protection ensures maximum safety for the operator.

Some features are improved with the new Optimum 8. Since Haulotte is the first major manufacturer to offer AC motors, the Optimum 8 machine is now AC powered. The new asynchronous motors deliver unmatched efficiency and exceptional torque providing operators high precision driving.

Haulotte is also the first to implement a smart counterweight on a scissor lift, providing a safe access to the platform. This also increases the overall robustness of the Optimum 8 because it is shockproof. The steps are fully integrated with anti-slip surface and it is integrated and dedicated place for charger cable and plug.


Easy to manoeuvre

An employee from Teamsystem Construction Pte Ltd complimented that Haulotte scissor lifts are easy and safe to use. The machines are very easy to manoeuvre which are helpful when using in public areas such as airports and bus terminals especially with many commuters around.



A worker on Compact 10N – repainting truss


With working height of 10m and platform length of 2.31m, the Compact 10N electric scissor lifts are at work at refurbishment project at Tampines Bus Interchange for LTA in Singapore, carried out by Teamsystem Construction Pte Ltd. The machine has a lifting capacity of 230kg and an extendable platform up to 3.23m. Compact 10N has an overall width of 0.81m, length of 2.49m and a height of 2.18m when stowed for easy access through standard doorways.



A worker on Compact 10N – repainting truss


Environmentally friendly

As they are battery operated, Haulotte electric scissor lifts gives no emissions and are suitable for operations in locations where no fumes and low noise are important. The machines include battery charge indicator and charger with automatic stop.

It also has solid but non-marking tyres ensuring no mark is left behind, hence protecting the floor tiles of the property.

In Thailand, the Compact 8 scissor lifts are involved in the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport small refurbishment project.



Compact 8 being charged


The machine’s working height of 8.2m and platform length of 2.31m assist operator to reach up to high ceilings and walls in the airport and able to lift a capacity load of 350kg inside and 120kg outside when the 0.92m platform is extended. Compact 8 has an overall width of 0.81m, length of 2.49m and a height of 2m when stowed and moves from a unique 2° tilt capacity.


Less downtime

Haulotte electric scissor lifts are designed to be reliable and easy to maintain. With easy access to components and control points less downtime is involved. Since they have long working cycles, the machines have a longer lifetime hence maximum productivity is attainable.