Schottel Far East underwent Quickup14 AC Training



Schottel Far East operators practicing on Quickup 14AC


Schottel Far East Ptd Ltd, one of the world's leading manufacturers of azimuth propulsion and manoeuvring systems for ships of all sizes and offshore applications, acquired one Quickup 14AC.

Haulotte trainer, Mr Tin Maung Lynn, provided Schottel Far East operators the necessary training which includes Safety Instructions on MEWP and familiarisation of the equipment.



QuickUp 14 in Transport Mode


Also called as push around, the equipment is easy to transport on a trailer or van and only one person is needed to install it. Since the Quickup is light in weight, it is also suitable to use on fragile floors or grounds such as on tiles and carpets.

Due to its extreme compactness, the Quickup 14AC has the ability to access the tightest spaces, fit through standard doorways and be transported in lifts.


Located in Tuas, Schottel Far East will use the Quickup 14AC to maintain the overhead cranes in the workshop, for facilities management purposes as well as to support the mechanical and electrical maintenance works in the workshop.




Schottel Far East operators ready for Quickup 14AC training