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Huge success for the MyHaulotte service portal

Published 2021/04/27

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Very positive feedbacks

The MyHaulotte portal greatly facilitates the daily life of operators, administrative staff, workshop managers, technical managers or rental agencies. It provides quick access to a multitude of services related to Haulotte people and material lifting equipment.


Customer feedback is very positive

Users are particularly pleased with the portal’s ergonomics and ease of use. «Navigation is very intuitive thanks to the clear and well-defined sections. Our customers appreciate the fact that they can find the associated technical documentation on each machine sheet» says Albéric Duriaux, Product & Solution Manager for Europe and Africa at Haulotte. In addition to the spare parts store, technical library and safety campaigns, MyHaulotte provides access to new online services to better meet customers’ needs. Users of the SHERPAL telematics solution have been pleasantly surprised by the depth of data available on the portal. also allows users to track service requests and view the date of upcoming periodic general inspections. The notification center is widely used to create customized reports. Users keep an eye on their more relevant indicators and receive information based on the alert mode and frequency selected. 

«MyHaulotte creates a positive and personalized customer experience. With this web portal, we accompany our customers throughout the life of their machines and provide them with the services they need when they need them»

concludes Albéric Duriaux.

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