HA26 RTJ O to Mandai Depot

September 18, 2019. Pre-delivery inspection a week ago of HA26 RTJ O by our distributor BS Technology Pte Ltd for their customer to Mandai Depot. Today the machine is delivered to the depot, which house the Operation Control Centre and provide stabling and maintenance facilities for Thomson Line (TSL) trains.The construction of the TSL is part of plans to develop a comprehensive rail network system and improve rail accessibility along the North-South corridor and improve connectivity to the other lines.

The HA26 RTJ O is extremely flexible, articulating booms feature boom arm with a pivot point giving them the ability to extend over obstacles to reach the most challenging work areas. They can also operate in a smaller space than telescopic booms. Diesel articulating booms operate on the roughest terrain thanks to their exceptional all-terrain capabilities. with proportional and simultaneous movements, they provide a high level of comfort and safety.