Let’s Live, Learn, Work and Play Together

Together, we can create an environment where out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideas are encourage.

June being the school holiday period, we decided to include Bring Your Child To Work For A Day as part of our 2nd Townhall and event activity day of the year. We encourage our employees’ children to have a glimpse of their parent’s working environment and have a better understanding of the work they do.

Hear what the parents and children have to say.

"It was amazing to see my son’s bravery in going up with our trainer on the HA16RTJ at a height of 14 metres! I believe the one day he spent with me at work has allowed him to understand what our company products are and the work that I put in every working day!" John CHAN, Service Manager

"I like spending time with people and making friends with them. I also like the cooking challenge, is very fun. If they organise this again, i wish to come again". Haziga, age 10

What do you like best today? "I like the machines especially when we get to move it and going up and down". She shared she has a better understanding of what her mum, Serena does at work and appreciate her more. Cheryl NG, age 12

"I like experiencing the machines today and learning the importance of wearing harness and helmet for safety", Hazarul, age 11

"Bring our children to work because we love our family and we love our job because life and work should always intermingle. Work hard, play hard!" Darren PHUA, General Manager SEA

As a trainer, what is the first topic you plan to teach the children? "Importance of safety with proper gears when having fun at height". K C LOW, Trainer Aftersales



On Townhall activity, the SEA team members were divided into groups and given 90mins to produce a safety video using their mobile phone.

"Work safety is always our top priority and cannot be compromised. It’s not about saying or trying, it’s about doing. In our Q2 townhall event, we had a chance to create our own safety video to showcase the importance of wearing protective work wear while operating machines. We all enjoyed editing and watching our videos. It was such an interesting way to emphasise a simple practice which plays a significant part when working at heights". Joanna LOU, Accounts Executive

"There is no guarantees when it comes to safety. Everyone must do their part in accident prevention and stay alert to possible hazards in their work environment.  We can take steps to correct or guard against it". Darren PHUA, General Manager SEA


Video production of the winning team.


"The Cooking challenge is an exercise in teamwork and creativity. Members  were taken out of their comfort zone and had to improvise and work with tools and equipment not normally used in our daily activities. Kudos to the MEN for conquering and winning this Challenge - exemplifying the Haulotte spirit of Striving for Excellence and Performance". Mary GAN, Finance & Administration Director

"It was a sizzling (literally) afternoon with heated but friendly competition between the two teams. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the camaraderie and almost flawless teamwork amongst our colleagues to produce a beautiful meal under time pressure. What stood out most to me was the initiative and care demonstrated immediately from all colleagues when “disaster” struck and the ladies’ cooking table collapsed. We are truly in a company of good and caring people! Massive thanks to the organisers for giving us an afternoon of fun, care and bonding - it was an excellent event". Joie LIU, Key Account Director, APAC

"As an intern, I was surprise to see the fun side of our colleagues. Everyone was happy the whole day. The activities were fun, educational and friendly.  The team member feels like a big family working togeither. Everyone enjoyed the games and activities without complaining. I can see that everyone embrace the Haulotte value charter". Zainab ABASSI, Intern from France