STAR 10 at work in Manila Airport Terminal 3

The STAR 10 vertical mast lift has a 3m outreach and is suitable for day-to-day tasks for both indoors and outdoors. The unit can manoeuvre easily around restrictive work environments and accommodate up to two operators.

Extremely compact at a stowed height of only 1.99m, it makes it possible to pass through standard doors. With a width of 0.99m and 360° rotation with zero tail swing.

Outstanding access with the positive / negative fly jib with +70° / - 70° movement and the 3m outreach, the STAR 10 allows access in the most difficult working areas.

Precise handling: thanks to their proportional hydraulic controls, all movements are precise and under the complete control of the operator. With a tight turning radius, it enables maximum manoeuvrability and access to all working areas.

High autonomy: provided with battery power, the STAR 10 masts feature the latest technological advances and have long working cycles.