TEAM: Together everyone achieves more!


What the team members say:

"It was an auspicious teambuilding event organized by the management. All employees from various cultural backgrounds participated to celebrate CNY lion creation and dance. It is a symbol of unity and multiracial harmony in Haulotte. It reflects our Value "Reinforce co-operation and cohesion by team building and celebrations". I wish Haulotte to continue to be diverse, harmonious, prosperous and successful company and to provide the safest working at height solutions to our customers.” TIN, Maung Lynn, Service Engineer / Trainer


“Chinese New Year (CNY) is one of the most significant holiday  festivity in Singapore. We always soaked in the festive mood throughout the island from traditional CNY snacks to festive bazaars and lively lion dances. According to traditional Chinese belief, the lion signifies courage, stability and superiority, the lion dance will chase away evil spirits and bring prosperity. For this year’s CNY celebration in Haulotte Singapore, we made our own lion heads with unconventional materials and performed lively lion dances to welcome the New Year.

All of us enjoyed the time to Create Together, Work Together and Perform Together. 2019 is a  challenging year, as a member of Haulotte Family, we will Dare Together to reach high and continue to provide the serenest experience to our customers.”

“在新加坡,华人新年是一个很重大的节日。每当佳节到来之际,整个新加坡会沉浸在欢乐的气氛中,从传统的春节小吃到新春集市,当然还少不了热闹的舞狮。根据中国的传统信仰,狮子象征着勇气、稳定和优越性,舞狮会赶走邪恶的灵魂,带来新一年的好运与繁荣。在今年Haulotte Singapore的新春庆祝活动中,我们用非传统的材料制作了自己的狮子头,还表演了活泼的舞狮来迎接新年。


Joanna LOU, Accounts Executive


“The townhall is indeed eventful, it is more than an information sharing session because it is here to convey the message of the company’s direction in 2019 and how we individually can do better to accomplish it. In particular, the lion dance game challenge highlighted the beauty that success is not only measured by the end result but the process of different individuals leveraging on each other’s strength to selflessly achieve the common goal. I believe that we all enjoy the sessions organized and thanks for the effort.”
Vincent KOAY, Sales Manager


“In my last 12 years of experience, this is the first time we are having a meeting and Chinese new year celebration like this. All of us really enjoyed.  So, first of all, I would like to thank the organizer and the management.  It was really motivating for the employees.  We could concentrate in the meeting and enjoy the games as well. ”
  ALAGU SUNDARAM Velmurugan, Technical Supervisor